Why DFINITY’s Internet Computer Could Alter the Digital Landscape Forever

DFINITYBlockchain technology, while touted by many in the tech world, remains largely unknown to the general public. DFINITY USA, an organization with its sights on revolutionary change, wants to bring the power of blockchain mainstream in the form of a decentralized network. That network, called the Internet Computer, might have what it takes to bring about wholesale change in the digital world.

DFINITY’s Goal: A Whole New Internet

For DFINITY USA, merely amending the status quo isn’t enough. The group’s leadership aims to enact a new era of online interactions by decentralizing the internet and pushing monopolistic companies to the sidelines. Such a plan might seem overambitious, but DFINTY’s Internet Computer is uniquely placed to bring genuine, meaningful change.

The Internet Computer’s Major Strengths

DFINITY USA has poured considerable resources into the Internet Computer blockchain network, and organizers have every reason to be pleased with the results. Not only is the Internet Computer a breathtaking testament to the power of innovation, but it also boasts key characteristics that could allow the program to go mainstream.

Web Speed

Unlike some networks, the Internet Computer is capable of operating at web speed. This allows users to enjoy platforms on the network without sacrificing the convenience and efficiency they’ve grown accustomed to.

Capacity for Infinite Amounts of Data

The Internet Computer’s blockchain technology can handle data on an infinite scale. This limitless capacity for growth means there’s no ceiling for the network’s potential reach.

A New Programing Language

Dfinity Foundation

The speed and efficiency of the Internet Computer would never have been possible without a new programming language. Mokoto, the language in question, gives the network enough flexibility to host the type of software that users crave.

A Roadmap for the Future

DFINITY USA envisions a radical new future in which internet users eschew the monopolies of the modern internet in favor of decentralized networks. The Internet Computer, with its enhanced capabilities and user-friendly model, could serve as a central component of this brave new web.