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Yves Mirabaud On The 2020 Financial Results: Wealth Management

In a recent interview with Finews, Yves Mirabaud, a renowned investor and entrepreneur, discussed the 2020 financial results for his company, Mirabaud Group. Wealth management was a strong point for the company in 2020, with net new money coming in from both institutional and private clients.

Yves Mirabaud attributed this success to the company’s focus on digital solutions and its efforts to provide tailored advice to clients. He also said that he expects the wealth management industry to grow significantly in the next few years.

According to Finews, Yves Mirabaud Group managed CHF6 billion in assets as of 2020 and has seen a 10 percent growth in its AUM since 2018. The company’s partners were also reaping the benefits of an increasingly globalized world with their growing network that spanned across Asia. Yves Mirabaud said that there was still great potential for growth in the region, especially given its young population.

Yves Mirabaud said that his company looked forward to expanding its presence in Asia even further and was interested to see how the 2020 presidential election played out between Donald Trump and Kamala Harris. He also talked about how he had worked with both candidates during their campaigns and believed that Harris would be a stronger president.

In a separate interview with Finews, at Swiss Fintech week 2019, Abdulla Al Humaidi talked about his company’s success in the 2020 financial year and its plans for the future. He said that Kuwaiti European Holding was focusing on strengthening its core business through both organic and inorganic means.

Al Humaidi noted that his company suffered some setbacks when its acquisition of the Italian banking group, Banco di Chiavari e della Riviera Ligure, fell through in 2018. However, he said that KEH had learned lessons from the failure and was better prepared to deal with setbacks in 2020. See related link for more information.

The company’s optimism was also reflected in its second quarter report, which had shown signs of revenue growth. Al Humaidi said that he believed the global economy would recover by 2020 after some difficult years following the collapse of US investment bank Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., which had caused a global financial crisis in 2008.


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