Advice to Business Leaders from Kip Lewis

2020 was full of upheavals that disrupted the business world. Entrepreneurs, businesses, and companies experienced unwanted and unparalleled commotions, obstacles, and challenges. It’s only through adaptation that a business can maneuver through the challenges. Business leaders and entrepreneurs had to reorient their operations through digitalizing things.


With challenges and obstacles comes a golden opportunity to learn. Through learning, entrepreneurs become more resilient as they adapt to recover from the pandemic attacks on their businesses. Kip Lewis, the Owner, and President of Lewis Investments in Round Rock, Texas, understands the need for adaptability. Below are lessons Kip Lewis offers to Austin Business leaders.


Kip Lewis advocates flexibility. You can only survive challenges by remaining agile and responding swiftly to the changes in the business industry. Business leaders must remain open-minded to creativity and innovation. An entrepreneur gets to define new opportunities through an open mind while shifting their priorities and adapting to the changes effectively. Nimbleness is fundamental to business growth.


Kip Lewis stresses the need to capitalize on digital marketing. The pandemic has allowed people to develop their roots on the internet. As an entrepreneur, you must broaden your reach through digital marketing. Digital marketing helps you reach a massive following while maintaining your current clientele. Business leaders who were invested in the internet and online presence didn’t have a hard time adjusting. Kip advises business leaders to research and understand available technologies within the business realm.


A business leader who knows his staff members and takes care of them is prone to succeed. Business owners and leaders are a source of inspiration and morale for their employees. Make sure to recognize the small successes while knowing each staff at a personal level.


Kip Lewis started Lewis Investments in 1992 with $2,000. Since 1992, Kip has been diligent and keen on the ever-evolving real estate industry. Kip lives in Austin, Texas.


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