Alex Pissios Major Sale

The film industry has witnessed significant developments. Different individuals have come up to improve and make the film industry a success. In recent times Alex Pissios and his family ventured into the field and built a big film studio in Chicago. It boasts of producing many Chicago shows that have received a more broad audience and have run episodes on different screens. Recently Alex Pissios announced the sale of the Cinespace Studios to a renowned real estate investment company.

The deal is set to be closed, and the family of Alex Pissios will not be actively running the studios. The sale has come as a shock to many as they did not expect at a time when Alex Pissios and their family will sell something they have worked so hard to achieve. Ultimately the real estate company buying the investment is set to continue its operations in Chicago and expand to many soundstages than the previous number.

The acquisition has been received positively by the different authoritative individuals in both states. They are excited about the new job opportunities created in the film industry. With the investment, it is expected that it will expand content creation. The new company is expected to continue the excellent work that the Alex Pissios started of apprenticeship and training individuals. Alex Pissios has not stated his next move speculations are on the rise. He is expected to announce his next venture in the coming number of days.

 It marks the end of an era for family-owned studios and is the second-largest deal for the firm in the entertainment industry.