Bo Parfet Explains how he Beat his Fears

Eighteen years ago, an investment banker decided to do the things he had not before in his life. Bo Parfet was a young professional trying to make ends meet in the challenging American market. To reach his career goals, Bo wanted to do what others had not done in their lives. The Wall Street banker chose to climb one of the highest mounts in all the continents of the world. While choosing to embark of this great journey, Bo Parfet did not have any professional climbing training.

According to the young professional, this was just a casual interest that would soon go away. This casual interest, however, turned out to be his lifetime passion. In less than five years, the executive managed to do what he planned. In his book, Die Trying, Bo Parfet explains how he climbed Denali, Kilimanjaro, Carstenz Pyramid, Vinson Massif and many other high mountains in the international community. The book tells how Bo had courage and passion in his tough journey. Determination kept him going in all situations.

Bo Parfet tells his story to the audience of how he managed to beat his own fears and limitation to pursue his passion for climbing the mountains. Some days would prove to be very complicated for the investment banker. The fear of losing his life while navigating his way through the tough mountains did not hinder the passion Bo had. Bo Parfet believes that young professionals can learn a lot through his publication and deal with their fears. In complicated careers, these young people need to keep trying until they make it.