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Buying A Team, Making A Legend: Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft is an American businessman who made his fortune by founding a paper company and a packaging company in 1972. They would soon become the largest paper and packaging companies in the states. Just being a wealthy business man wasn’t enough for Robert Kraft however. Being a fan of football since childhood he set out to purchase a team. It took ten years for Robert Kraft to finally claim ownership, but in 1994 he could call himself the owner of the New England Patriots, one of the most notoriously lousy teams in the NFL.

At the time, in 1994, the Patriots had only been to one Super Bowl, Super Bowl 20 (XX) in 1985. But there was new ownership now. In 1996 just two years after Kraft had fully purchased the team, the New England Patriots would hire head coach, Bill Belichick. This hire would change New England forever.

Now the Patriots had a passionate owner and a talented head coach. One more piece of the puzzle would soon be added, and together, these three would turn a team with one Super Bowl appearance in franchise history into arguably the greatest dynasty in the history of the NFL. Just two years after Robert Kraft bought the team the Patriots would make it to Super Bowl 31, losing to the Green Bay Packers lead by legendary quarterback Brett Favre.

By 2001, the Patriots would have their own quarterback who would become legendary. That year the Patriots would win their first Super Bowl in franchise history beating the Rams, who many thought would be the NFL’s next dynasty.

In the next 2 decades under Kraft’s ownership the Patriots would win five more Super Bowls and appear in 3 others. Kraft turned one of the worst teams in the NFL into one of the greatest of all time. Click here to learn more.


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