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 CFO's and Gary McGaghey

The article found on the PWC website talks about the important topics that Chief Financial Officers will have to address in 2022. According to this article, it states that the U.S. Secretary and Exchange Commission is attempting to implement new regulations that will force many businesses to become more transparent with their business practices, with the end goal of demonstrating how their business practices affect the environment. By collecting the right data, the SEC, with the collaboration of businesses, environmental regulations and guidelines can be revised or created. Many Chief Financial Officers will be challenged to provide accurate information on their business strategies and the effects such strategies have on the environment, social, and governed entities. Which the benefits will be gaining stakeholders’, public, and government trust. Gary McGaghey is a prime example of a chief financial officer in today’s business world. Based on some articles, Gary McGaghey has over twenty years of experience as Chief Financial Officer of various businesses. Information found in the article found on the F6S website is not as informative as the one found on the IDEAMENSCH website. The article on the IDEAMENSCH website is more informative and interesting as I was reading about Gary McGaghey’s career path and successes. The section that grabbed my attention the most was the interview questions that they asked. It was made clear that his strategy for success is to act fast on overall business actions. Other great points mentioned were to listen, discipline, and determination. The second most important point was to learn from mistakes made and overcome them by creating solutions. Read more HERE: