Dick DeVos Does Not Give Up

There are certain things that mark out those who play a leadership role in life. These are qualities that distinguish them from other people. One such quality is a willingness to stick to a project and keep sticking to it. That is a refusal to give up. It’s one quality that has marked out Dick DeVos throughout the course of his career. This is why he has been able to serve the needs of those who live in his hometown. Grand Rapids is where Dick DeVos has chosen to live. It’s a community of over a million. It’s also a community where it is possible to live, work and make a great life as Dick DeVos has discovered. Thanks to his work in this city, it’s also a community that is continuing to thrive even as the world around them changes. He does not give up on anything including Grand Rapids.


Working Hard


Hard work is another quality that Dick DeVos brings to the table in his work. He has worked hard to help people in Grand Rapids gain access to all sorts of important amenities. In the process, he’s earned a great deal of respect from many people who share this community with him. Thanks to his work, they can find a hospital that helps to serve sick children. Opened in memory of his late mother, the hospital brings together deeply dedicated specialists who really care about their work. He wants everyone who lives here to feel that sense of caring. He also wants them to take pride in being part of a community where good things are always happening. That is why he continues to do what he can to help. He wants this community to be one where people can truly get their needs met.