Dr. Andrea Natale Gives Some Great Facts

Dr. Andrea Natale

According to Dr. Andrea Natale, many people who are diagnosed with AFib feel perfectly fine. This was the case with Ryan Wiseman a few years ago. Check out how Ryan Wiseman resumed a normal life.

Ryan Wiseman Gets Treated For AFib

In just five years, Ryan Wiseman underwent several treatments for AFib. He received many of the treatments in Denver, Colorado. Mr. Wiseman’s doctors eventually referred him to Dr. Andrea Natale for better cardiac care.

Dr. Natale Offers The Best Cardiac Treatments

Dr. Natale is known as the best cardiologist in the entire country. Sounds pretty impressive, right? He is considered a top cardiologist for several reasons. For starters, Dr. Natale has performed extensive research on heart diseases. As a result, Dr. Natale knows that new technologies are often the best treatments for AFib.

Interesting Facts About AFib

AFib typically affects people who are over 50 years old, according to Dr. Natale. Mr. Wiseman is the exception. He was diagnosed with AFib in his 20’s. Dr. Natale wants people to know that AFib usually runs in the family. If one of your family members suffers from AFib, there’s a chance that you may be diagnosed with this condition soon.

Even if you feel amazing, you should still get checked out regularly by your doctor. You may have an irregular heart beat.

If you are diagnosed with AFib, you may be at risk of a stroke. As a person who suffers from AFib, you can prevent a stroke by taking a blood thinning medicine. Make sure to talk with your doctor about this great option.

Mr. Wiseman’s Thoughts About Blood Thinning Medications

Mr. Wiseman is extremely excited that he doesn’t have to take blood thinning medicine anymore. Why? By getting the WATCHMAN Implant, he has drastically reduced his risk of stroke.

How Mr. Wiseman Enjoys Everyday Life

He really enjoys spending time with his children. When he’s not hanging with family, you can find him running or doing fun activities with friends.

Mr. Wiseman’s primary goal is to ensure that his kids have a great life. Doesn’t this sound admirable?