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Dr Barry Lall Ventures in the Hospitality Industry And scales High

Dr. Barry Lall Ventures in the Hospitality Industry And Scales High

Dr. Barry Lall has a high affinity for solving problems and transforming businesses to greater heights. Since childhood, Dr. Lall has dedicated his bandwidth to creating value and taking every opportunity that comes his way.

As a teenager, he enjoyed spending time at his Father’s clothing store. He did not take it as a burden as many children of his age would have. He took it as an opportunity of learning. But according to his parents, he still had to pursue a real career that’s how he found himself in medical school

Although he is a physician by profession, he has combined this skill and passion to transform businesses, especially in the hospitality sector. He uses an analogy of the human body. Just as the body organs need to work together, in the same way, a business organization, and management needs.

Dr. Lall is the CEO and also the president of Pinnacle hotels. He specializes in the hospitality sector. He bought a motor lodge in California with 12 rooms and converted it to an exquisite hotel.

He transformed the Hyatt Regency Richardson into a new Hilton Richardson Dallas. He made renovations to the rooms, the lobby, and the rest of the Hotel. Dr. Lall also believes in working with brilliant and professional minds bleeds great results. His Restaurant is managed by one of the largest Hospitality management groups.

Dr. Lall shares details of why many hotel businesses may not thrive. Huge loans, unskilled management, and poor branding may deteriorate the Hotel and drive it into an abyss.

Dr. Lall encourages his colleagues to give quality services to customers. It has helped them to turn many businesses into larger giants in the industry over the years.