Gordonstoun School Institutes the Benefit of Character Education

In a world driven by metrics, schools compete to determine which produces better-performing students.

The first key to academic education is higher qualifications and securing a place in the university.

It is easier to lose ourselves with this metric as schools focus on students getting higher grades in their examinations and acquiring working skills.

Other essential skills like communication, character strength, resilience, and teamwork are left behind during these school competitions.

Students need to acquire these skills to form better relationships and lead fulfilling lives—why Gordonstoun School doesn’t use the educational models in its curriculum.

Instead, the school incorporates its holistic curriculum with academic lessons to develop students’ cultural, social, and emotional awareness.

What to Know About Character-Building Curriculums in Gordonstoun

Gordonstoun is a co-independent school that offers opportunities to students to develop multiple character-based qualities.

Students are taught more academic skills, ranging from Dialogue society and symposiums, volunteering in community services, expedition, and sail training voyage.

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Instead of students attending most of their class lessons, teachers hold most of their lessons outdoors to allow students to spend more time outdoors.

Gordonstoun students get to learn about different skills in expeditions, one of the school’s outdoor lessons.

Students aboard Gordonstoun’s eighty-foot training yacht and the captain welcome them into the training session during the expedition lesson.

Students learn about teamwork, resilience when facing adversities, and being independent in a more demanding adventure.

Gordonstoun doesn’t exclude character skills and academia.

The school curriculum has interdisciplinary syllabuses to help students succeed in their academics and personal growth.

Students also enjoy engaging in the Duke of Edinburgh Award to honor Gordonstoun’s commitment to outdoor learning.

During the Duke of Edinburgh Awards program, students are challenged to engage in a series of outdoor expeditions as a team and individually.

Instead of competing with one another, students learn to take challenges and push their boundaries out of their comfort zones.

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