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Ricardo Vega Serrador Brings Food Choices And Convenience To Mexico

After a childhood spent working in his father’s restaurant, Ricardo Vega Serrador found early success in convenience stores before turning his attention to restaurants again. His goal has always been to provide choices to Mexican consumers, and it’s a goal he strives to attain in new ways with each project he advances.

Serrador opened Go Mart in 1994 as a new way of shopping and a new employment opportunity that was an accessible and quick alternative to visiting a supermarket. Go Mart is also known for affordable pricing that appeals to many cash-strapped Mexico residents.

In 2000, he added a fuel business and later even a luxury car business that spread across the Mexican Republic and into the United States. Throughout his career, he has maintained a passion for cars that he turned into a successful business.

Returning to his roots in the restaurant industry, he became a Subway sandwich shop franchisee in 2006. Just two years later, he opened Mexico City’s first Wendy’s hamburger restaurant. Soon, his company was operating more than 100 restaurant locations across Mexico, continuing his family’s decades in the industry.

Today, Ricardo Vega Serrador is looking for new opportunities for business success while enjoying a slower pace of life that includes more time with his family.

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