The Inventor of Great Helicopters: Robinson Helicopter Firm

Robinson HelicopterIn 1973, the Robinson Helicopter firm was launched by Frank Robinson, its chairman, and chief executive officer. Since his childhood, he was determined to develop modern and unique helicopters with the following features: dependable, effective, and affordable in terms of cost. In 1979, he came up with his first helicopter. The helicopter had admirable features; its piston, two placed, was powered by the R22. The plane’s fame and popularity rose among the piloting training schools and self-owned plane owners. Several factors have contributed to this helicopter firms’ success and popularity, including affordability in terms of purchase and simplicity in maintaining. The mentioned attributes led to the rise of the smaller versions of helicopters. Similarly, more people enrolled in helicopter learning classes.

A 4-place R44 plane was introduced as a second helicopter by Robinson ten years later. This led to the merge of R44 Raven II. However, compared to the first version of the helicopter, it was an improvement of the first helicopter. The plane’s equipment was improved of the first type. The plane would withstand harsh climatic conditions, high altitudes, and extreme weather conditions. Several people from all over the continent developed an interest in the helicopter, and in 2003, its sales rate doubled. Robinson comes up with another idea. He made plans on how he would build a turbine-powered helicopter. A partnership between Rolls Royce and Robinson Helicopter played a significant role in launching a helicopter engine powered by a turbine in 2005. This led and speeded up the process of inventing the R66 turbine helicopter and a 5-place turbine helicopter.

Robinson Helicopter

The R44 and R66 planes are common in the current world. They come in different ranges, safety inclusive, news, and police versions. R44 Cadet and the two-place R44 often used in pilot training. Since the establishment of the Robinson Helicopter firm, it has continued thriving in terms of growth and research. The firm’s owner also embraces the safety of learners by availing of safety courses. The company also equips its technicians with helicopter maintenance courses. Robinson’s family members hold managerial roles within the Robinson Helicopter firm.