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The Success Journey Of Richard Liu Founder

Successful people around the globe see gaps or opportunities in the market and step in to fill them and provide a solution. They don’t just sit and wait for somebody else to do it.

Richard Liu or Liu Qiangdong is an award-winning serial entrepreneur who felt that the world needed to move on from traditional selling methods to online selling. He founded a company whose main focus was to provide quality products at affordable prices to customers. He believes that we owe it to the planet to fully commit to making the world a better and comfortable place.

Richard Liu was born in March 1973 in Suqian village, an improvised region in Jiangsu province. At the time of his birth, his parents were rice farmers making him spend time with his grandmother while they were at work.

From a tender age, it was clear that Richard Liu would succeed. Picking up complex tasks, he reached his goals with much ease compared to his peers. With determination to succeed, Liu attended Renmin University for a sociology degree and graduated with a sociology degree in 1996. While in the university, he began practicing computer programming skills to take advantage of the new opportunities brought by the internet.

After school, Liu ventured into business by establishing his company Jingdong, specializing in selling magneto-optical products to customers in Beijing. Using his business acumen, his company grew rapidly, earning a considerable profit margin and opening new branches in other regions. However, the SARS epidemic in China in 2003 halted Jingdong’s expansion plans as all businesses had to close down their stores to control the spread of the virus. Click here to learn more.

As an innovative entrepreneur, Qiangdong began to think of the possibility of creating an online platform with the growing number of internet users around the world. This resulted in the creation of, an online retail platform that went online in 2004. Initially, the company specialized only in selling magneto-optical products but would later diversify to sell other products, including electronics, smartphones, computers, and tech items.

Today is recognized globally as a leading direct seller and works closely with leaders in the e-commerce realm to bring positive changes in the sector.


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