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 Why is Qnet a Unique Direct Selling eCommerce Company?

As many companies struggle to maximize profits, Qnet goes the extra mile by ensuring its employees’ wellbeing. It’s among Asia’s best direct selling companies today and projects to grow significantly in the coming years. Not only is the organization focusing on bettering the lives of its workers, but the entire community at large. The Company boasts some of the most lucrative direct selling deals ever and has served a range of highly respected brands globally.

In 2010, Qnet became the single direct selling partner of Virgin Racing. The deal took three solid years, leading to both parties recording tremendous success. Another significant achievement was the partnership between the eCommerce giant and Man City football Club in 2014. The engagement saw the Company becoming the direct selling partner of the football club worldwide.

Qnet explains that goods and services must always flow consistently for business activities to occur. The industry giant holds that direct selling arrangements perform way better than the traditional supply chain procedures. For example, working with a direct sales company eliminates the middlemen and speeds up the process. Once there are only a few people involved in the supply chain, manufacturers can save much time and generate revenue.

Also, direct selling ensures that the goods reach the consumers as fast as possible, increasing demand and expanding business significantly. The Qnet’s primary goal is to partner with other organizations and achieve the global community’s wellness. The company leadership and its teamwork tirelessly to become the best direct sellers in Asia and worldwide. An organization may achieve its direct selling needs by using three marketing plans, as explained below.

  • Single Level Plan – Involves one sales agent moving around marketing and selling a given product. Since only one person is in charge of a given area, a single-level marketing plan is ideal within a small area such as a town.
  • Party Plan Marketing – This is a case in which the marketer identifies like-minded individuals and then invites them to a small local party. The invitation aims at letting them test and learn more about the products.
  • Multi-Level Marketing – Uses more than one sales agent in a given area. Since there are many agents, multi-level marketing is one of the most effective ways for direct sellers to get in touch with consumers.